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    GPD Finland 2023

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      GPD Finland 2023
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      2023/6/14 to 2023/06/16
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      International Exhibitions
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      GPD Finland 2023

      186 days left
      Glass Performance Days
      Dates: 6/14/2023 - 6/16/2023
      Venue: Tampereen Messut, Tampere, Finland

      The Glass Performance Days (GPD) is a forum dedicated to the development of the global glass industry through education. This is done by organizing conferences in different countries. Currently the conferences are organized in Finland, China and Brazil every two years. In Finland, GPD also organizes Workshops and a glass exhibition.

      The Glass Performance Days (GPD) event in 2019 will celebrate its 27th year of service to the glass industry.

      The technical sessions of the conference and workshops will address the challenges the industry faces today regarding the ever-changing demands on City planning, building design, energy-efficiency and environmental fit. A special focus will be on the contribution of new glass technologies to these demands. That is why our eyes will be on smart glass!

      Website: https://gpd.fi/

      Future Dates:

      GPD Finland 2025
      Tampere, Finland


      Tampereen Messut - Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre TESC
      Ilmailunkatu 20 33900, Tampere
      Tel: +358-20-770 1260

      Organizer:Glass Performance Days

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