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    AGC: Inauguration of new electric Volvo trucks for glass transport

    Post Time:Dec 06,2022Classify:Company NewsView:887

    The Italian Lannutti Group – Logistics & Transports, transport partner of AGC Glass Europe, has ordered 20 electric Volvo trucks to be used for transporting glass. This is great news as it will help AGC to further green its transportation and embark on the electric journey. Lannutti, AGC and Volvo Trucks pursue a common goal of making the supply chain increasingly green.

    At the inauguration event, “Together towards a sustainable society” hosted by AGC Cuneo Plant, in the presence of the President of the Piemonte Region, the President of the Cuneo Province and the Municipal Mayor of Cuneo, one of the twenty fully electric vehicles that Volvo supplied to Lannutti was welcomed at the AGC Cuneo plant to start leading the way towards fossil free transport.

    The CEO’s of Volvo Trucks Italia, Lannutti Group and Davide Cappellino (President AGC Architectural Glass Europe & Americas Company), Enrico Ceriani (VP Upstream) and Marc Foguenne (VP Sustainability) were present at this inauguration, along with the Cuneo team, to celebrate the entry into the fleet of the first 100 percent electric vehicle departing from Cuneo plant loaded with flat glass.

    The vehicle has a power of 540KW (660hp) and is able to drive a distance of 300 kilometres with a single charge. This transport of glass will replace the diesel truck currently in use for glass handling between the AGC plant in Cuneo and the Lannutti storage areas near the site. This daily fossil free transport will have a significant positive effects on the environment and in addition also eliminates the traditional noise impact of heavy goods vehicles driving.

    AGC sees this as another important step on its Carbon Roadmap. Davide Cappellino, AGC’s President Architectural Glass Europe & Americas, said, “Today represents an important step for AGC in the virtuous path towards sustainable development which began years ago with the progressive reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and with ever more renewable energy, such as the photovoltaic and cogeneration plants installed for some time at our site in Cuneo. Our commitment is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, through careful and systematic work on all components of the value chain.”

    Domenico Molina, AGC Cuneo’s Plant Manager, said, “We are not only witnessing the renewal of a very precious partnership for us, the one with Lannutti, our historical Logistic Partner, but also a fundamental step towards smart and eco-friendly transportation free from fossil fuels.”

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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