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    Revimac: hood lifting unit evolution

    Post Time:Dec 12,2022Classify:Company NewsView:876

    Revimac has been a manufacturer of hot end treatment hoods for more than 20 years, with units that are highly appreciated in glass factories for their reliability, quality of the materials and designs that facilitate maintenance operations on the units.

    The lifting system of the entire hood is provided on request, which is useful to allow easy access to the conveyor in case of maintenance, job changes and container jams.

    Revimac has recently produced a new, compact and simplified hood lifting system that takes a step forward in terms of footprint, mounting and safety.

    The new design consists of a steel portal structure that remains inside the hood. The legs of the portal are fixed on brackets equipped with sliding guides. These brackets are welded to the sides of the conveyor, leaving the space below it completely free

    The lift hood is carried out through two pneumatic pistons that guarantee the total opening of the system, and is extremely useful for interventions due to clogging.

    The machine is equipped with a local control board, installed on a steel floor support that includes cable ways and piping to the hood.

    The operator opposite side is protected with a steel fence to prevent bottles falling when the hood is lifted for maintenance.

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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