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    • switchable privacy glass

    switchable privacy glass

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    Product Details

    1.Product preview:

    Smart glass, also known as intelligent dimming glass or privacy glass, can be conversed between transparent and opaque by adjusting the voltage.

    Power on: clear glass, high transparency; power off: milky color, opaque, which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.

    Meanwhile, smart glass adopts laminated glass technology, which makes smart glass have all kinds of performances of laminated glass as well.


    1.Switchon,transparent; switch off,opaque,which achieves the double requirements of day lighting and privacy.

    2.Safety:the fragments will be stick on the film when the glass is crushed. That glass fragments hurt people will never happen

    3. Environmental protection: above 90% infrared and 98% UV can be shielded.

    4. Anti-aging, anti-fade.

    5. Sound insulation: 2 to 3 time of ordinary glass

    3.Normal size:

    thickness normal size(mm) over-wide size(mm)
    4+4 1200x2400 1800x3660
    5+5 1200x3660 1800x3660
    6+6 1200x3660 1800x3660
    8+8 1200x3660 1800x3660
    10+10 1200x3660 1800x3660

    4.Processed type:

    Glass layer: float glass, tempered glass, tinted glass, low-E glass, etc.

    Control method: manual control, light-operated, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote nets control, or customized.

    Product type: 1. Water proof smart glass

    2. bullet proof smart glass

    3. smart glass door / windows, smart glass partitions

    4. smart glass bathroom

    5. smart glass projection screen

    6. hollow sound insulation smart glass

    7. energy saving and environmental protection smart glass

    8. colorful smart glass

    9. anti-skid smart glass

    10. LED smart glass

    11. UV protect smart glass


    1. Operation department, slapup office / meeting room / reception room, luxury villa / privacy room, doors / windows / partitions of senior entertainment.

    2. Special ward / operation room of hospital, monitoring room / inquire room of police station, court, prison.

    3. High-end bathroom / cars, lorries, luxury yacht.

    4. Jewelry shop, museum, insurance counter, automatic equipment.

    5. Large-scale projection screens

    6. All kinds of places which need daylight and privacy

    6.Test standard:

    EN 14449: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass

    EN 12600: glass in building – pendulum test

    EN 12150: thermally toughened sode lime silicate safety glass

    ASTM C1172: laminated architectural flat glass

    ASTM C1048: heat treated flat glass

    ANSI Z97 1: safety glazing materials used in buildings

    GB/T 11944: sealed insulation glass

    GB 11614: flat glass

    GB 15763: safety glazing materials used in buildings

    Iso12543-1~6: glass in building – laminated glass and laminated safety glass

    AS/NZS 2208: safety glazing materials in building

    7.Connection picture:

    8.More technique data




    Model Chinese Standards



    Wireless remote frequency


    Rated Power

    resistance coupling 300W

    capacitance coupling 100W

    Inductance coupling


    Receive distance


    Power consumption


    Work temperature

    20 ~ 50


    1. It cannot be applied under the environment of rainy and high temperature, high humidity. 
    2. It should not exceed the rated working voltage. 
    3. When connecting the wires, please be sure to cut off the electricity, live working is forbidden.

    10.The optical data as bellows:

    11.Production process:

    12.Detailed pictures:





    17.Our factory

    Guangzhou Kaho Special Glass Co., Ltd



    CertificateCertificate6-10 tempered glass

    Main Products:

    Digital Printing Glass,Anti-slip Glass,Ceramic Glass



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