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    • SC4228 CNC glass cutting line

    SC4228 CNC glass cutting line

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    Product Details

      I.Company Profile
    "STRON" is the world-renowned glass cutting equipment brand with leading technology in glass industry.STRON company staff has been committed to serving glass deep-processing industry, to creating elite glass cutting products. Adhering to the company "The Machine of Quality" of corporate culture, STRON staff work conscientiously and hardly to create valued products to our honorable customers."Excellent quality, Hundred percent service" is always in STRON staff hearts.
    Our team
    STRON team maintains an high degree of enthusiasm to customer service and have been developing the service level in the competition continuously;Addition to the company headquarters in Jiangsu, STRON also owns Beijing (Peking), Guangdong (Shunde), Sichuan (Chengdu), Hunan (Changsha), Shanxi (Xi'an), Liaoning (Shenyang) six offices in China, as well as in the overseas markets, with six regions, America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, 16 Direct or agent service network for customers, to provide timely and efficient service worldwide.
    Our technology
    STRON has always been committed to maintaining a leading core technology of glass cutting area. and expanding an broader future space in glass deep-processing industry;
    With the core technology in machine design and control system, STRON have been in the frontier of Chinese glass cutting machine area since the brand begins. Engineers maintain a high degree of rigor and innovation state, to ensure that any one STRON equipment have best precision, efficient and stability.
    Our goal
    STRON has always committed to become an internationally responsibility company, to make an contribution to glass industry, to provide an wonderful working and learning platform for employees, to make "STRON" to be an famous Chinese brand in the world.
    II. Machinery Configuration:
    SC-4228 full-auto glass loading machine
     SC-4228 CNC full-auto glass cutting machine
     SC-4228 air-flotation glass breaking machine
    III. Machinery Parameter:
    III-1. SC-4228 Full-auto glass loading machine
        Technical Parameters:
    The max Loading glass size: 4200mm * 2800mm
    Loading glass thickness: 2~25mm
     Loading cycle: 40~70s (adjustable)
     Loading weight: 1000kg
    Machine height: 850~950mm
    Transfer speed: 0~45m/min
    Loading depth:750mm
     The machine power: 9KW/380V/50HZ
    III-2. Electrical and Mechanical equipments:
     PLC: Delta, Taiwan
     Electrical System: Schneider, Germany
     Pneumatic System: SMC
     Photo Electricity Switch: SICK Germany
     Brake Motor: ChengBang, Taiwan
    Transducer: Omron
     Configuration of mechanism overturn
     Roller bar rise and fall, steady driving
     Operation windows together with Cutting machine, controlled easily
     Overturn angle of the loading can be adjustable according to the practice situation.
     Auto conditioning zero position and the origin
     Auto inducing glass, carrying the glass by the roller wheel to appointment position.
     The machine has two kinds controlling mode(automation and manual)
     The machine has the alarm setting
     All the alarm settings have the double enactment
     Machine is controlled and stopped after loading the glass you need
     All the process of the running is smooth, dealing with the 3mm large sheet
     The machine can make up of production line with the full-auto glass cutting machine
    IV. SC-4228 CNC full-auto glass cutting machine
    IV-1. Technical Parameter:
     Cutting thickness: 2-25mm
     Cutting accuracy :< 0.20mm/m
     Cutting speed: 0-160m/min (adjustable)
     The max cutting size: 4200mm * 2800mm
     Driving system: X-Y-Z axial by servo motor (made in Japan)
    Cutting wheel holder: cutting wheel 360 rotation, can cut any shapes
     Oil supply: double automatic oil injection, for low-e and float glass
     Conveying: industrial belt transporting
     Positioning: photo electric scan
     Cutter head: fixed cutter head, high accuracy cutting
    IV-2.Electrical and Mechanical equipments:
     Operation Device: industrial computer
     System: Microsoft windows
    Power: 380v/50Hz (stabilizer supplied)
     Motor: YASKAWA servo motor, Japan
     Control Card: TECNOS, Italy
     Transducer: Omron, Japan
     Cable: HELU, Germany
     Gear Rack: Imported KH Ground level
     Rack/Rail: made in Japan/Switzerland
     Transport belt: Barberi, Italy
     Pneumatic part: SMC, Japan
     Cutting wheel: Bohle, Germany
     Table-board: black felt made in Korea
     Transfer equipment: automatism induction
    IV-3. Soft ware:
     OPTIMA ,Cutting and Optimizing software is imported
    with original package, make a perfect performance
     More than two thousand kind shaped graphs in abnormity library, very easy for cutting shaped graphs.
     Automatic calibration to guarantee accuracy
     Automatic path selection to ensure the best cutting speed
     Automatic origin search and setting
     Shape scanner function
     Automatic thickness detector  
     Input: keyboard/mouse, English interface
     Cut to the nearest
    V. SC-4228 Air-flotation Glass Breaking Machine
     Table-board size: 4200mm * 2800mm
     Breaking pole: the shape like ""and including air flotation
     Air Cylinder: AirTAC
     Power: 4.4kw
     Table-board: black felt made in Korea
     Table top plate: high-standard fire and water resistant board
    VI. Workflow :
    i. Glass is moved by loading machine one by one from the sheet rack
    ii. Glass is sent to CNC cutting machine automatically
    iii. According to the input data, the glass is cut automatically.
    iv. After cutting, the glass will be moved to breaking table.
    VII. Advantage:
     A.  No special request for worker, no workers requested in loader and cutting process.
     B.  Security, high effect and stability
     C.  Special mechanical head designed, High cutting accuracy and speed
     D.  Using the Italian cutting and optimizing system can increase the effect of glass cutting and reduce the cost
     E.  Automatic oil injection and automatic pressure adjustment function
     F.   Double oil injection choice for Low-e and float glass
     G.  Shape scanner function

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